Santa Monica's Go-To Neighborhood Pub 

We can't wait for you to come in and experience a warm & friendly welcome in a traditional pub atmosphere. This is a place where everyone belongs - we'll have a stool waiting for you anytime. Cheers!

Welcome to The Daily Pint, Santa Monica's  Foremost Beer & Whiskey Destination

Since 1987, our historic pub has been a go-to gathering place for locals, beer enthusiasts, and whisky lovers. This is the perfect Santa Monica bar for anyone looking to kick back and enjoy their favorite drink amongst friends, fellow beer lovers and whisky connoisseurs. Heck, even if your just starting your whisky journey, our bar is the best place to start. We have a great selection of craft beers and an unparalleled selection of whiskies from around the globe...over 500 different bottles!

In addition to our 14 reliably poured mainstays always on tap, we proudly rotate 12 seasonal, limited-release, and hard-to-find craft brews to constantly deliver new discoveries.

With over 500 whiskies spanning beloved staples to rare bottles from Scotland, America, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, and beyond, our expansive whiskey list offers an around-the-world adventure for any spirit lover.

In addition to our unparalleled whiskey selection, we stock top-shelf tequilas, gins, vodkas, rums and more to craft any classic or imaginative cocktail your heart desires.

Explore Our Huge Whisky Selection From Around The Globe

Experience Scotch Whisky at its best! We have over 300 bottles from around Scotland. Peaty single malts from the Islands, the distinct taste of the Highlands, more gentle flavors from the Lowlands, Speyside the heartland of Scottish whisky, traditional Campbeltown once the whisky capital of the World.

Our collection includes 110 Bourbons, 46 Ryes, 10 from Tennessee, and over 20 other bottles reflecting the rich whiskey heritage of the US. Big names like Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's, Knob Creek, Maker's Mark, Bulleit, but many rare, hard to find whiskies like Orphan Barrel, and Willett Family Estate. 

Explore the elegance of Japanese whisky, know for its delicate and floral taste or try a Taiwanese whisky - Asia's well kep secret!  Find something from our miscellaneous whisky collection; whiskies from Austalia, France, India, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Tasmania.

Embrace the spirit of Ireland with our exquisite selection of over 50 Irish whiskies.
From the classic smoothness of Bushmills Original to the rich complexity of Redbreast 15yr. Discover the peaty depths of Connemara Cask Strength, or celebrate with the luxurious Midleton Very Rare

Traditional British Pub Atmosphere & Decor

With 26 beers on tap, we pride ourselves on constantly rotating the latest creations from sought-after breweries near and far. Our knowledgeable bartenders can guide you to a pale ale, IPA, stout, sour, or whatever suits your taste. Don't miss out on our craft beer club with exclusive brewery events. 

Or sample a flight of our hundreds of whiskey expressions - the largest whiskey selection on the west coast. From the varied world of Scotch Whisky, the smooth rich taste of Bourbons, the vigor of Rye whiskey and everything in between, we'll help you navigate our award-winning list as a member of the Whisky Club.

Voted in the Top 100 Bars in The Country

Of course, we also pour a full range of classic cocktails, wines, and other bar favorites. Our vintage British pub interior sets the stage for a relaxed, chill vibe. However, you choose to enjoy The Daily Pint, our friendly, welcoming staff is here to make it memorable.

We've been a go-to Santa Monica bar hangout for over 30 years thanks to our commitment to delivering amazing drinks in an inclusive atmosphere. Whether you're a local, a first timer in LA, or just looking for a new neighborhood spot, we can't wait for you to walk through our doors.

See you soon at The Daily Pint - where craft brews and rare spirits meet warm hospitality on the westside. Cheers!

Contact Information

Find us here: 2310 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA , 90405


Phone: (310) 450-7631