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Darts in Santa Monica - Play at The Daily Pint

Darts in Santa Monica - Play at The Daily Pint

If you are a fan of playing darts, you might find that it isn't always easy to find a good place to play. However, in Santa Monica, there is a pub called The Daily Pint that features two dart lanes and a great selection of drinks.

The Daily Pint has been a local favorite since its opening over 25 years ago. Furthermore, it has won the praise of plenty of locals and even tourists who come from all over to enjoy the wide range of drinks and games offered at the establishment. Here is all you need to know about why The Daily Pint is the perfect spot to play darts in Santa Monica.

The Venue:

Discover the charm of The Daily Pint, an acclaimed Irish pub on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica. Renowned as one of the city's finest establishments, this cozy pub boasts a relaxed ambiance and an impressive array of beers and spirits.

Don't miss the opportunity to try your hand at "Chimera," a unique dart scoring system available on two lanes. While it may take a bit of practice to master, the exhilarating experience is well worth it.

The Games:

The Daily Pint features various games such as pool, foosball, and darts. The two dart lanes use soft-tipped darts, and the scoring system is called Chimera.

This scoring system enhances the gameplay since it has different targets to aim for, making it challenging and entertaining. A match can be played with up to four players, which ensures that you always have someone to play against.

The Drinks:

Discover the remarkable drinks menu at The Daily Pint, renowned as one of Santa Monica's finest. Indulge in an impressive array of draft beers, ales, stouts, and whiskeys, expertly chosen by our knowledgeable bartenders.

Whether you crave a classic Guinness or prefer a refreshing craft brew, satisfaction is just a sip away. Non-beer enthusiasts will also find delight in our wide selection of spirits and captivating cocktails.

The Atmosphere:

The vibe at The Daily Pint is outstanding, with a friendly and cozy atmosphere that appeals to a wide range of people. The pub has an outdoor seating area that is perfect for enjoying a cold drink on a warm day.

Furthermore, the pub has six large television screens that play all major sporting events, providing an opportunity to enjoy drinks while keeping up with your favorite sports.

The Community:

The Daily Pint has regulars that are welcoming to visitors. Staff members are friendly, and if you are new to the area, you can learn a lot about Santa Monica from the locals. The pub also organizes various events such as trivia nights, live music, and karaoke for visitors to enjoy.


In conclusion, The Daily Pint is a fantastic place to play darts in Santa Monica. With its cozy atmosphere, excellent drinks, and entertainment options, you will not be disappointed. You will also have the chance to engage with the friendly locals, which makes the pub a go-to spot in the area.

So, if you are in Santa Monica and want to enjoy a game of darts while having an excellent drink or even watching your favorite sporting event, The Daily Pint is the place to be!

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