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The Best Pool Bar in Santa Monica Can Be Found at The Daily Pint

The Best Pool Bar in Santa Monica Can Be Found at The Daily Pint

The sun, the beach, and a cold beer. What more could you ask for in a day spent in Santa Monica? If you are looking for the perfect place to relax and cool off, The Daily Pint is definitely the place to be. Located on Pico Boulevard, this cozy Irish pub has been serving locals and visitors alike since 1996.

Boasting a wide selection of whiskey, beer, and cocktails, this bar has everything you need for a memorable night out. However, what sets this place apart from the rest of the bars in the area is its pool table. The Daily Pint serves as Santa Monica's best pool bar, and here's why.

The Atmosphere

First and foremost, let's talk about the atmosphere. Upon entering, you will immediately feel the warmth of the pub and the Scottish charm that fills every corner. The Daily Pint is cozy and intimate, perfect for an evening with friends or a date night.

The decor gives off a vintage feeling, giving off the aura of a genuine pub. But beyond the aesthetics, the Daily Pint has a welcoming atmosphere that can't be beaten. Coming in from the bustle of the street outside, it feels like coming home.

The Pool

Of course, the real reason you visit The Daily Pint is for the pool. The bar has a vintage pool table in its back room which is free to use during the weekdays. It is the perfect activity to enjoy while enjoying a cold bottle of beer.

Even if you are not a pro, this bar serves a low-key pool game, where everyone is welcome to join. The pool table makes The Daily Pint not just a place for a drink, but a social hub where you can meet new people and hang out.

Selection of Beers and Whiskeys

The Best Pool Bar in Santa Monica Can Be Found at The Daily Pint

Discover the unparalleled variety of beers and whiskeys at The Daily Pint. With an impressive collection of over 700 beers and one of the most extensive whiskey lists in LA, we have something to suit every taste.

Don't miss out on the scotch eggs, the perfect accompaniment to your chosen brew. Our friendly bartenders are always on hand to assist you in finding your ideal drink.

The Events

Another reason why The Daily Pint is worth a visit is the events we host. Every Tuesday night is the Quiz Whiz trivia game. There are also free pool tournaments every Wednesday night, lively Karaoke on Thursdays, and a bluegrass jam session on Sundays. Each of these events is a great way to meet other people while doing something fun.


Experience the unbeatable atmosphere and friendly staff at The Daily Pint, Santa Monica's top pool bar. With its Scottish charm, wide selection of beers, and amazing pool table, this spot is a must-visit for a memorable night out.

Whether you're seeking a casual drink with friends, a fun-filled evening of pool and beers, or an unforgettable social event, look no further. Discover The Daily Pint and prepare to be impressed.

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