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Why The Daily Pint is The Best Bar in Santa Monica

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

So you're in Santa Monica, home of stunning beaches, fancy stores, and fancy hotels. But sometimes, you just want a good ol' dive bar, right? Well, look no further! The Daily Pint is the spot for that laid-back, no-frills vibe.

This place has been a Santa Monica staple for over 30 years, and trust us, there's a reason for that. We've got an insane variety of beers and whiskies, plus some seriously delicious pub food. It's no wonder both locals and tourists can't get enough of this place. Brace yourself for the best bar experience in Santa Monica.


Attention beer lovers of Santa Monica! Prepare to have your taste buds blown away at The Daily Pint! With over 60 beers on tap and hundreds more in bottles, we've got the largest selection of brews in town. Whether you're a fan of IPAs, stouts, or lagers, we've got something to quench your thirst.

And with our rotating selection, there's always a new beer adventure waiting for you. But wait, it gets even better! For the true beer aficionados, we offer an exclusive rare beer club membership. Get access to limited-release and hard-to-find brews that will make you the envy of all your friends. Don't miss out on the beer paradise that is The Daily Pint!


If you're in the mood for something stronger than beer, The Daily Pint has you covered with its extensive whisky selection. With over 1,000 bottles of whisky from around the world, including rare and vintage bottlings, this bar is a paradise for whisky lovers.

The knowledgeable bartenders are always happy to make recommendations based on your preferences, and they even offer whisky flights so you can try a few different varieties.


Listen up, party people! The Daily Pint in Santa Monica is not your average bar. It's got that awesome, chill dive bar vibe that can't be beat. Picture this: cozy and dimly lit, with walls decked out in wood paneling and a jukebox blasting rock 'n' roll classics. And the people? We're like a big, happy family.

You've got college kids mingling with retirees, locals chilling with out-of-towners. Oh, and did I mention it's conveniently located on Pico Boulevard? Perfect for grabbing a drink before hitting the beach or partying it up in Santa Monica. No wonder The Daily Pint is the spot to hang.

The bar itself is cozy and inviting, with plenty of seating options no matter what your style. Whether you prefer to sit at the bar and watch the game or relax on one of the comfy couches with a group of friends, you'll feel right at home at The Daily Pint. And the laid-back atmosphere means that even if you come alone, you're sure to strike up a conversation with a friendly local or two.


Although The Daily Pint doesn't serve full on meals (it's not the type of place you'd visit to celebrate your birthday) - we do serve pretzels and other bar snacks. But we know what we are, and that's just a very, very good dive bar. People come to us to drink, not eat. Saying that, there are delicious salty snacks to perfectly compliment your beer, wine and spirits.


The Daily Pint is also known for its regular events, which appeal to beer and whisky lovers alike. The bar often hosts beer tastings and tap takeovers, where breweries showcase our latest offerings. And for the whisky enthusiasts, the bar has a monthly whisky club meeting, where members can try new whiskies, learn about the history and production of the spirit, and connect with other whisky lovers in the community.

What's the deal with The Daily Pint in Santa Monica? Well, besides slingin' drinks, these guys are all about supporting their hood. We throw mad parties to help out local do-gooders and we're always on the lookout for new ways to give back. It's just one of the many reasons why we can't get enough of this place.


Forget the fancy schmancy cocktail joints in Santa Monica. The Daily Pint is where it's at! This place has got it all - the best booze selection, mouthwatering pub grub, and a chilled vibe that'll make you feel right at home. Whether you're looking to hang with your pals or just chill by yourself with a cold one, The Daily Pint is the spot. Don't miss out on the true pub experience. Swing by when you're in town. Cheers!

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